We Stand With You!
Proudly, we work in the trenches alongside our Black brothers and sisters in exposing racism and finessing whiteness.
We Are Putting White Privilege To Use!
White privilege gives an advantage in just about everything in this country and world. As anti-racism ambassadors, white privilege is being used for social justice.

An Anti-Racism Community

You can become a member of our anti-racism community fighting institutional and systemic racism at every turn with our Black brothers and sisters.

The Black Tax Is Real

The “Black Tax” is the overcharging of Blacks  in business to the undervaluing of homes in the Black community. As a member you can help us fight the Black Tax.

Action Behind the Training

We have been training to become anti-racism ambassadors for over a year. Now we are putting action behind that training. Join us. Become a member.

Anti-Racism Allyship

Racism and white supremacy is baked in to every fiber of America and the world. Decades of research have revealed bias in education, health, pay, mortgage lending, business and general living.  Undercover investigations have exposed pervasive discrimination by some real estate brokers, with agents being accused of steering Black home buyers away from White areas or denying them basic information to make a home purchase easier.

Through white allyship, you can help us fight these racists acts and expose the perpetrators to correct the problem. #ProofOfRacism

The Austin family sunk $400,000 into renovating their home, but were stunned when they barely gained any value during the appraisal process. When they had a white woman pose as the homeowner, that all changed.

Become a member of My White Ally coalition and join us in the anti-racism fight as an ambassador.